April 20, 2016

Lee Cattle Co | Longhorn Portraits

Ethan Lee is one of my livestock photography clients that I visit frequently to video groups of cattle he is trying to sell. And today I found out he sold my favorite cows, the longhorns! So in honor of these beauties, I figured I would share a few photos.

I see a lot of cattle at Ethan’s place but my absolute favorite are by far his longhorns. In January we took a few photos of them and I fell in love. I like to call these beautiful creatures “pasture ornaments” because I know one day I will have a few that will do nothing but make my pasture more beautiful! So check them out and let me know if you have one of these “pasture ornaments” at your place!

This five-year-old steer is my favorite! He’s the biggest one out there but can be hand fed. But you better watch out for those horns!