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Working with Paige is awesome! I knew going into the project that the video quality would be top notch, but the whole process was better than I expected. She was very flexible during a new adventure and helped everyone to be relaxed.

- Taylor Harrison, Sullivan Supply

The ability to take a ranch's legacy, family memories and special moments and make them into a timeless piece of art is unmatched by Paige. She more than exceeded our expectation and gave our ranch and family a lifelong treasure. Her unique vision and out going personality making working with her a fun experience for everyone involved. If you're looking to build a portfolio, promote your business, capture a special day or family moment I highly recommend Paige!

- Britney Creamer, Lazy JB Angus, Montrose, CO

Our operation has used Paige for several videos to help market our family's ranch operation and the products it has to offer. She truly has an incredible gift that ties in both her agriculture knowledge with her keen eye in blending videos and photography to make exceptional marketing pieces. The videos she has created shares and documents our ranch history. Her professionalism, organization and pleasant personality makes her a house hold name in this industry. If your searching for a true professional that will showcase your organization and/or product Paige Wallace should be considered...check out her work and decide for yourself as you will not be disappointed!

- Jason Hoffman, Hoffman Ranch, Thedford, NE

In January of 2019 my company, WSR Insurance was looking for an agency to work with us on a marketing campaign. I suggested Paige as she had done a truly remarkable video for our family business, Hoffman Ranch. We ended up hiring Paige and she came to California and traveled with the western states with us for a week. Her knowledge of the industry of agriculture was absolutely invaluable. She was flexible, prompt, punctual and willing to go wherever to see and interview our clients. The work she did for us has been extremely benefical in terms of helping us get our product out across the US. THe only downfall is she's in such high demand it's hard to book her!
I recommend Paige for any photo/video work you have!!!!

- Stephanie Myers, WSR Insurance, Woodland, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Paige Wallace Photography. As a smaller breed organization, we have used Paige to help promote the vision of the American Maine-Anjou Association. Each project has far exceeded our expectations and has truly captured our vision. Paige is knowledgeable, talented and a pleasure to work with. One of the easiest and best recommendations I'll make - book early, book often, you won't be disappointed!

- Lindsey Broek, American Maine-Anjou Association

Promotional Video Testimonials

Wedding Testimonials

We are so happy we chose Paige to capture our engagement and wedding photos! Paige did a phenomenal job capturing memories we will cherish for a lifetime!! She was very accommodating when we needed to reschedule our engagement session and made it a fun, enjoyable experience. On our wedding day we found ourselves tight on time taking family photos before the ceremony, but Paige kept everyone calm and organized and we were able to stay on schedule. Everyone loved working with Paige and we received many compliments on her professionalism the day of the wedding. We have received many more compliments on Paige's work since our wedding after receiving our wedding photos! Paige is an amazing, talented photographer with the sweetest personality that makes her the perfect fit for capturing an emotional day! We would highly recommend Paige for your upcoming wedding!

- Emily Brinkman Maciejewski, 2019 Bride

Paige was absolutely incredible to work with! She traveled to Lexington, KY to shoot our engagement session last summer. Her eye for photos is amazing, we drove around the pasture and she could spot out the perfect setting for each photograph. Not to mention her way of working with each of us so that we felt comfortable and the pictures turned out so natural looking and not posed. We highly recommend Paige and are planning to have her take our family pictures for years to come!

- Jamie Crites 

Paige is the absolute best and was the BEST decision we made when it came to a wedding photographer. She did our engagement pictures, as well as our wedding pictures. Paige was awesome at getting my rigid, photo hating fiance to lighten up and relax! She also helped with outfits, wedding timeline, and organizational stuff that I had not thought of. She went above and beyond and captured all of the wonderful memories from our wedding day. I recommend Paige to anyone that asks!

- Leah Gilman Reever, 2019 Bride

Paige is nothing shy of amazing and her work is absolutely beautiful! She is incredibly professional, talented, kind, and easy to work with. When my husband and I were deciding on who we wanted to take our engagement and wedding pictures, with out hesitation, he said Paige Wallace. We will have these pictures and memories for the rest of our life and this was the BEST decision we made!

- Nicole Hefner Lemmon, 2018 Bride

I am not even sure where to start with how amazing Paige was to work with. When Tanner and I got engaged. Having Paige capture our wedding day was an absolute must have for me. After working with her at a good friends wedding. I knew she would be perfect for our day. We had an amazing engagement session with her at our house and farm. Paige picked out the best spots and we have so many prints around our house to testify to that. Thanks to Paige we can go back and look at those along with the best wedding photos. When we go back and look at our wedding photos. It brings us right back to that day. She made our entire day run so smooth from morning to evening. What really made me think so highly of Paige is when we lost our dog Nora this last year. She took the time to send us a card and a photo from our engagement session with Nora in it. It meant the world to us. Its a photo we have in our living room to this day and love looking at it day in and day out.
As you can tell Tanner and I would highly recommend Paige to anyone. Her work is top notch and so professional. Paige is amazing and we can't wait to work with her more in the future for family sessions.

- Paige McCulloh Stutsman, 2018 Bride

Since the first time I saw Paige’s work I knew I wanted her to be part of our special day. Her attention to detail and ability to truly capture a couples energy and connection on film is one of a kind. We felt completely at ease with her and that was high considering my husband does not like to be in front of any camera! I can’t wait to work with Paige in the future to help share both our farm and life stories.

- Jennifer Cox Hoobler, 2019 Bride

We were on the hunt for a wedding videographer when I stumbled upon Paige's Instagram one day. Her style fit perfectly with what we were looking for. We setup an intro phone call and after about 2 minutes on the phone together, I knew she was the perfect fit for our big day!

Paige was amazing to work with from start to finish. She made the planning process easy & took time to understand what was important to us.

It was SUPER windy on our wedding day, but Paige was able to work her magic and never blinked an eye. She made everyone feel so comfortable & made the entire day feel laid back - which was exactly what we wanted! We are forever grateful for all the moments she captured & I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again Paige!

- Brooklyn Allgood Vitiritto, 2018 Bride

Paige did an amazing job capturing our dream wedding with every detail. She truly made the wedding video feel like reliving the day. Kale and I were so pleased with how it turned out and it something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. WE absolutely loved our "our story" video prior to the wedding that Paige did as well. The video was so natural and fun while we were creating it. Paige has amazing talent and we are in love with every moment she captured during our special day and events leading up to the day. We can't thank Paige enough for all her hard work and effort to make us feel special throughout all the videos she put together for us!

- Calli Bayer Spengler, 2019 Bride

Paige was absolutely amazing! She captured every aspect and emotion of our wedding day! I loved every single picture she took! I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a photographer and I can not wait to have her take more pictures for me in the future!

- Elena Halverson Foulk 

Wow! Where do I even start?! Paige exceeded my expectations as a photographer for our wedding this past fall. Jared and I first met Paige during our engagement photos. I was nervous because I wanted Jared to be a good sport during it. Paige made the experience very fun and enjoyable. Afterwards Jared and I were very excited about our wedding and Paige being apart of it. (One thing off the list a fabulous photographer, YAYY!) Did I mention she got a kick ass photo of us with pigs?!
Anyways our wedding day was perfect with her capturing our busy day! She and I worked very closely leading up to the day to have a set timeline perfect. Our parents/grandparents made remarks after the wedding how organized she was with all the family photos after the ceremony. I was like yeah I know she knows her stuff!! Paige made sure I had every picture we wanted captured that evening and respected the timeline of the evening too! Our wedding party loved her as well because she took the photos but knew we had a party to get to too (she was ready to capture that)!
The photos of everything that evening were perfect! I am so grateful we were able to have you for our special day, Paige! So ladies, if you are looking for a top notch photographer, Paige is your gal! I know you won't regret it because she's on top of her game! I hope to work with her again in the future! Thank you Paige!

- Morgan Mench Whiteside

Paige Wallace is, simply put, AMAZING. She is so cool, calm, and collected when working with her clients. She always has a smile on her face and in a great mood. Her attitude and ambition go beyond her work. Her work speaks for itself and we have been given one of the greatest gifts we could have ever received. A wedding video that truly captured the entire day of our wedding. Her ability to create superb content is breathtaking. Paige earned us as lifetime customers. I cant wait to work with her again! Hats off to Paige Wallace Photography.

- Trey Brumback, 2020 Groom

Paige did an amazing job capturing EVERY element of our special day. The details and each special moment of our wedding, but more importantly somehow she captured the vibe and emotion of our event. Looking through our photos, I find myself saying "I didn't even know Paige was there to capture that part". She was so low key about her approach, which I also much appreciated on a day full of {wonderful} chaos. Thank you, thank you, thank you Paige and team!!

- Kelli LeClair, 2017 Bride

If you're looking for a caring, diligent professional who will go to no lengths to make your project or special day amazing - look no further! Paige does an amazing job. From our first consultation to our wedding day, Paige was a thorough, calming presence and made everything go perfect. She helped us establish a timeline that accomplished all that we wanted in a wedding day - in fact, she was so efficient we were running 30 minutes ahead of schedule with pictures! After our wedding, she was prompt to deliver our albums and was so patient with me as I made my decision of our album (which is GORGEOUS). I would hands-down work with Paige again in a second! She is the absolute best.

- Hanan Douglas,  2018 Bride

Wow, I think I could write a book recommending Paige for any photography needs that might cross a person's mind. There are a lot of people who claim to be professional photographers, but I have never met one who actually fit that title until we met and worked with Paige. She invited us into her home before we committed to using her for our engagement and wedding photographer where we sat and hashed out all the nitty gritty details and questions that a bride has. I think that is what really sealed the deal for me, her ability to personally connect with me and my fiance at the time. She provided us with a flexible payment option that was so handy to use, her favorite magazines and tips to prepare for our session, and was always "on call" for any of my crazy questions I had before the wedding. On our wedding day I am positive that Paige put every ounce of effort she had into capturing the ceremony and reception, and it was a 90 plus degree day in June. In addition to that, the prep work for the wedding was superb as well. We didn't have a wedding planner but Paige encouraged us to make a timeline and helped us stick through it the day of. I would highly recommend tapping into her event management skills. I absolutely love our photos from Paige. The only thing I wish we could have done is utilized her video skills as well. They are amazing! She has a work ethic and skill that is unmatched in this industry and you will be disappointed if you don't choose her to work with! I am so thankful for our photographer and now our friend. Thanks for everything Paige!

- Sydney Weis Sorenson, 2019 Bride 

Paige was our photographer for our winter wedding in January 2019. It’s quite comical because when we shot our engagement photos it was one of the most hot and humid days that summer (or felt like it anyhow), but you would never be able to tell
in our photos. She kept the session fun and exciting even though we looked like glazed donuts. On the flip side, our wedding was on one of the coldest days of the winter and had a blizzard of 10 inches plus the night before with blowing winds. Paige actually made the effort to come stay the night before to make sure she was able to make it on our special day. To say Paige takes care her clients and is fully dedicated to providing the best photography services would be an understatement. She went above and beyond our expectations and we are forever grateful for her. As you are looking for a photographer for your big day, don’t just get someone who is going to take good photos, get someone like Paige who accommodates for the weather, who rearranges the photo itinerary when you get off schedule (which is very easy to do I might add) and does not fuss one word about it, who engages with your family and friends to make the photos true and authentic, and who is truly there to help you take a deep breath when you need it. In the midst of all the obstacles we went through that day, she truly captured the love my husband and I share with each other. She captured the most precious moments we have shared together and will be able to look back on it for years ahead. We are truly blessed to have Paige as a photographer & now as a friend.

- Erica Sutton Lain, 2019 Bride

"I reached out to Paige to ask for some help with my video skills when I started my new job. I knew I would learn from her, but had no clue how much she would be able to teach me in a couple of hours. She was kind, patient and explained everything extremely clearly. One thing I really appreciate is her willingness to give me tips and pointers even after our lesson has concluded. I can text her or send a video with a problem I’m having and she is always quick to respond and eager to help. I highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their video shooting/editing skills to look in Paige’s direction. You will not be disappointed."

- Kendra Davis
Former Director of Marketing & Communications, American Hereford Association
Forage Product Marketing Specialist at Vermeer Corporation

"Anyone who is on the fence about investing in a mentor sessions, go ahead, jump off that fence and DO IT. You will walk away with knowledge that will not only better your business, but that will help you SAVE TIME. Ultimately providing a better client experience. So, so worth it."

- Taylor Gazda Stipe
Full-Time Photographer and Designer, GAZDA The Brand

"I was lucky enough to do a half-day mentor session with Paige. I have been scaling and investing in my business and I knew from being a former bride of Paige’s, that her client experience is top notch. Before gearing up for my first solo wedding season, I knew I wanted to be prepared. Her professionalism and client experience sets her apart and the things I learned in our session helped me prioritize the things in my business so much better and were tangible takeaways. Through the model session, I watched her direct and move from pose to pose with prompts mixed in with feedback received from my own directing. This helped tremendously. I valued her transparency more than anything and we truly had so much fun together. I left with more confidence than ever in the business I’m building. I am so thankful I made the decision to invest in my business with Paige as my coach! I am so much better for it. 

- Haley Miles
Full-Time Photographer, Sandhills Blue Photography

"Paige photographed my daughter's wedding in June and it was a wonderful day captured in the most beautiful, fun photos! Then last fall I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with Paige for a mentoring session. What a great experience for me to shoot side-by-side with her and also learn more about running my own business. Being able to try some of the photography techniques we discussed in our session with Paige's guidance was so helpful! I loved everything about the day and left feeling more confident in my decision to finally put a name on my own business. Thank you Paige for your patience with my many, many questions and for sharing your time and talent with me!"

- Mary Klaes
Full-Time Photographer,  Mary Klaes Photography

Mentoring Testimonials

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- Emily & David
Annapolis, Maryland

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- Alana & Roscoe
Annapolis, Maryland